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The Dr. Shyamala Show

Nov 16, 2022

It can feel incredibly vulnerable to require time to make decisions. For me, I often have to work through feelings of guilt around it, especially when it comes to the decisions I have to make within my business.

Many of us are asked to make quick decisions on a daily basis, and the truth is that MOST of the Authorities (according to Human Design) are simply NOT designed to make fast decisions.

Because of this, feelings of shame and fear come up due to conditioning. 

Inside today’s podcast episode we’re exploring these feelings around decision making, plus how you can use your Human Design to understand your own process.

  • This conversation is about my personal process of decision making as an Emotional Authority
  • Much of what I share can be applied to the other Authorities that require a longer process to make decisions, such as;
    • Ego Authorities
    • Self Projected Authorities
    • Environmental Authorities
    • Lunar Authorities 
  • I touch on why a Splenic or Sacral Authority is designed to make decisions in the moment 
  • I share how this has affected how I show up in business and my offers 


If you want to deepen this conversation with me on a personal level, you can invite my guidance by finding me at the following places:

The EQ Code website: 

Connect with me on Instagram: @iam.drshyam

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